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John Coghlan’s Quo Concert Review

12/06/2009  UK, Letchworth – Plinston Hall

This article is a review of the last concert of John Coghlan’s Quo at Plinston Hall. The concert took place at the number one concert hall in Letchworth Garden City. For those who do not know John Coghlan, he is very famous in England and outside the country for his songs of love lost and pain. John Coghlan (born on 19 September 1946, Dulwich, London, England) is an English musician known mainly for being a drummer in the Status Quo rock band between 1962 and 1981. After leaving the London band, he participated in the Partners in Crime and The Rockers projects, but without much success. Then he devoted full time to his first band called Diesel – sometimes named John Coghlan’s Diesel. He is currently performing live with his own band, John Coghlan’s Quo.

John Coghlan's Quo

Strong Voice And Moving Songs

I find him to be the greatest thing since Bob Dylan. John Coghlan’s songs are very heartfelt and touching, moving you through emotions which very few artist do for us anymore.

The concert was overall great, quite small and intimate. It simply was not possible to have a bad seat. John’s voice was extremely strong, which surprised me, as I have never seen him in concertise before.

John Coghlan's Quo

Great Show

The only problem I had with the concert was, I love Status Quo’s old stuff, the stuff that is rough around the edges, unproduced and raw. He mainly played his new songs off his new album, which was not released yet, intensifier I did not know the songs.

He did finish the last set with some old songs of Quo’s classic period like Whatever You Want, Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon, Dog of Two Head, If You Can’t Stand the Heat and We Are the Boys perhaps to make me and few others happy. Overall the show was great, flat bottomed though I did not know the new songs I loved them and felt I have heard them before. John Coghlan’s new songs are much more polished and poppy, but still holds all the truths of what makes John’s singing and songwriting true and heartfelt. Overall some concert critics gave the concert 4 out of 5 stars, could have been 5 stars if he played something off of the Licensed to Rock album with Diesel which I love most of all.

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