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Interesting Lectures and Talks from the Top Professionals

We want Plinston hall to be the place of encounter and creation, where people discuss and share their experiences. That is why every month we invite lecturers of different professions who can help us in the creative processes. Our lectures are mostly open. They are always free for all students enrolled and with special prices for young people under the age of twenty-five. Be aware that all lectures, conferences or social gatherings require previous reservation.

After each lecture we continue to talk and discuss with our guests the topic in some more informal setting.

Check out the schedule of open lectures and conferences for the coming weeks. Click on the image and inform yourself about our next lecture topic.

Self-Motivation Lectures on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday you are welcome to attend lectures on self-motivation at Plinston hall.

Motivational lectures are intensive motivation seminars organised by different schools or training companies.They are aimed primarily at entrepreneurs, managers, vendors, function managers and human resources managers, and in some cases university or college students.

These lectures are aimed at those who feel the need to overcome a phase of weakness – difficulties in the work, blockage of exams – and to regain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Of course, they cannot replace a psychological interview or a therapeutic path, but they can represent a good opportunity for personal (and professional) growth and a pragmatic and effective way of learning new working methods. Their essential purpose is to affirm a logic of empowerment, we could call it like “stimulation of awareness, self-assertion”: that is, to increase the power of a person to face changes and problems and to strengthen his or her power of choice.

Our trainer is therefore a professional who supports, stimulates and encourages the assisted person to live his or her life and aspirations.

lectures in club

Some Typical Tips from Our Qualified Motivational Trainers:

  1. Look to yourself with “more open, more wide” eyes, broaden your horizons, your knowledge of yourself and the understanding of the dynamics that govern your action and your life;
  2. Thank to this new and deeper look;
  3. Decide to act and do something concrete to achieve what you desire;
  4. Plan your actions to be taken to achieve your objectives;
  5. Try new ways and approach the desired goal step by step.

If you want to open a completely new world for yourself, you are welcome to visit our best self-motivation lectures every Tuesday. And remember, if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

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  1. I saw that some of the lectures were filmed. Tell me, where can I see the lecture videos?

  2. Lectures are wonderful, but, unfortunately, it is not always convenient at this time, in connection with the work 🙁

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